Exploring, Traveling and drinking

You may have noticed that this blog has been pretty quiet recently so thought I’d give you a quick update as to whats been going on.

So I’m currently on a gap year and decided I would travel around the UK to see that beauty that can be found on my home country. Some of you may think why I decided to travel here and not go abroad to Thailand, Australia or any other hotspot for traveling, well I’m a strong believer that people should see and do everything here before I fix my travel needs by going abroad.

In terms of tech, seeing as this is what my blog is about, I thought I’d explain what I’ve been using tech wise on my travels, and that’s just 3 things. My iPhone, my Macbook and Dashboard Cameras.

The iPhone has been ESSENTIAL in this trip, it’s helped me to get from a to b, it’s taken some great shots of my adventures to document and even helped me find my nearest pub thanks to Great Pub Grub, alcohol always helps when you’re traveling. photo-1456490585048-f4a7348766f7

The Macbook is to allow me to do tasks that I can’t do from my iPhone, mainly my freelance work that’s helping me fund my travels, and the dash cam is just to protect me should I have an accident as at my age car insurance is mad expensive so wanted to ensure I have evidence should the worse happen.

Traveling has opened my eyes up to the vast beauty that the UK holds, places such as the peak district just proves that. People spend thousands to get away from their surroundings however staying more local is not only more cost effective but I think that as a whole the UK is one of the most under rated as a holiday destination.

I think everyone should try traveling for a few months, especially at a young age just after college / uni where it will really be a great experience as it teaches you life lessons that I don’t think you can learn usually and will generally stick with you for the rest of your life. I look forward to 5 – 10 years time where I can look back at this and just remember the good times I’ve had over these last few months and how that has developed me as a person.

If you have any questions about my trips, please do leave them in the comments section below and I’ll try to answer them as quick as I can whilst on the road.

All the best,