The new way to get from A to B

For some people, getting from a to b needs livening up, you travel to the same place often and after making the journey multiple times can deem to make the task unenjoyably.

However one way you can liven up that journey is purchasing a Swegway and making that journey more fun. For those unsure, a Swegway is a combination of a skateboard and a Segway, throw on some fancy LED lights and that 15 minute journey has now turned into an exciting, stylish commute.

Available in a variety of colours, and easily portable, this electric powered board is capable of reaching over 10 mph, and with high profile users such as footballers and Youtube stars, the swegway is becoming the hottest gadget of 2015.

Easy to accomplish, the swegway will get you moving fast, after an hour or so I started getting really comfortable with the gadget, twisting, turning and gliding along my drive.

If you’ve yet to see one I would suggest looking into it as you really do have to see it to believe it.