What are the main Benefits of buying a carpet cleaner rather than renting one?

Every homemaker desires to own a carpet cleaner for his or her home, as having the perfect carpet cleaner is extremely helpful. Here thanks to our friends at Clean Carpet Guru we present you top-notch benefits of owning a carpet cleaner rather than renting it.

1) A Carpet cleaner should be bought to save money: –

Buying a carpet cleaner will help you to save money for the long-term period. One time buying will be better than renting the carpet cleaner over and over again and giving money for renting it will cost you more. You should buy a carpet cleaner according to your comfort and your use. It can help you to clean the floor when it is too dirty. It can clean the fluids also, which is always an added advantage. The rental period may be over and you didn’t complete your task and have extended the renting time. Which means you have to give more money for renting it for extra time. If you have your own carpet cleaner you wont face any such problem.

2) If you rent a Carpet Cleaners it will include lots of extra costs: –

If you hire a carpet cleaner it can cause inconvenient and it will be more costly and there maybe more additional cost too. Whenever the carpet cleaner is used. They have to pay the gas money. Then they have to pick the carpet cleaner on time and drop it back on time again. All heavy machines do not fit easily into all kind of vehicles. So you need a bigger vehicle so there will be extra cost on transportation. Hence buying a carpet cleaner is more economical method than renting one.

3) Having your own carpet cleaner saves time: –

If you have your own carpet cleaner it will save your lots of time. You will be totally familiar using it. If you rent a carpet cleaner you have to do the work within the time period you have rented the carpet cleaner. The user has to totally clean the storage place of the carpet cleaner everyday on time. It will be very hectic for the user. If one owns a carpet cleaner he or she can use it according to the time they want to use. Every one wishes to have a neat and clean carpet.

4) A rented carpet cleaners does not achieving maximum productivity: –

If you rent a carpet cleaner it’s basically a waste and its better to buy one, because if you rent a carpet cleaner you don’t get what you always want. You may prefer some other brand maybe they wont have the brand, which you want. There will be some restrictions while you rent a carpet cleaner. Suppose the cleaner is small it will take more time to clean. If the cleaner is too big it will take more power to run. It will become too costly. So it betters to have your own medium size carpet cleaner, there are may review online ( to help you decide which carpet cleaner is right for you.

5) Buy a Carpet Cleaner for Frequent Cleaning: –

When a carpet cleaner is bought than rented. Then one can clean the carpets regularly. You have many benefits. The carpet will be clean. The floor will be neat and tidy. The carpet will look fresh and new. Frequent cleaning will not leave any stains or dust in the carpet. If you buy accordingly the carpet cleaner will be handy and you can clean easily and quickly. If you own a carpet cleaner you can use as your own sweet time you want to use it.


Epilator: The Best Solution to Your Unwanted Hairs

Do you have unwanted hairs and you desire to get rid of them effectively? Then, you should consider using an epilator. What is an epilator and how does it work? An epilator is an electronic device that is purposely designed to remove the hairs in your body. It works just like the regular hair shaver. Using this, you would be able to effectively take your unwanted hairs off. This is one of the few modern solutions to hair removal.

These epilators have rotating heads which traps the hair inside and pull them in follicle level. Rest assured that you will have best smooth skin results after using this. Like waxing, this is just a temporary remedy for the unwanted hairs but it would take quite a long time for the hairs to grow back because they are removed from the skin straight from the roots. If you ask if it is painful procedure, then yes it is painful but it gets better in time.

There are several types of epilators that exist in the market. Here are the following:

  1. Rotating Epilators

This kind of epilator is the popular one because it is very easy to use and very durable. This tool uses a rotating discs that traps the hair inside and pulling them efficiently. The centrifugal force created due to the rotation of these metal plates discards the unwanted hair immediately right after it has been pulled off.

  1. Spring Type Epilators

This type is the first one that has been released in the market. They were designed and manufactured first in Israel. This device works like the rotating epilators but instead of using the rotating metal discs, this type uses coiled spring. The spring is designed to a curve causing it to squeeze closer and a part from each other. This mechanism grabs multiple hair inside the device pulling them off to its roots. The disadvantage of using spring type epilator is that, the spring could loosen up or break due to the continuous motion. The spring is very susceptible to the coil and flex which is why replacement parts are made available to the market.


  1. Tweezer Type

The tweezer type is very similar to the rotating disc epilators. The only difference is that it has much more efficiency of removing the hairs. The rotation of the plates in the tweezer type is much more refined. It does not have the complete plates in the device making it more efficient in grabbing multiple hairs. When the plates rotate, they also have time to come close and then apart to each other. This action catches more hair than the rotating disc plates.


If you want to consider epilators as your solution to all your unwanted hairs, then it is a good choice. It is user-friendly, effective and you do not need any cream or substances to use it with. It is money saver also because you do not have to buy epilators every usage or go to salon to wax your hairs off. Epilators work in every type of hair—thin or thick and you could use them regularly without hassle.

Exploring, Traveling and drinking

You may have noticed that this blog has been pretty quiet recently so thought I’d give you a quick update as to whats been going on.

So I’m currently on a gap year and decided I would travel around the UK to see that beauty that can be found on my home country. Some of you may think why I decided to travel here and not go abroad to Thailand, Australia or any other hotspot for traveling, well I’m a strong believer that people should see and do everything here before I fix my travel needs by going abroad.

In terms of tech, seeing as this is what my blog is about, I thought I’d explain what I’ve been using tech wise on my travels, and that’s just 3 things. My iPhone, my Macbook and Dashboard Cameras.

The iPhone has been ESSENTIAL in this trip, it’s helped me to get from a to b, it’s taken some great shots of my adventures to document and even helped me find my nearest pub thanks to Great Pub Grub, alcohol always helps when you’re traveling. photo-1456490585048-f4a7348766f7

The Macbook is to allow me to do tasks that I can’t do from my iPhone, mainly my freelance work that’s helping me fund my travels, and the dash cam is just to protect me should I have an accident as at my age car insurance is mad expensive so wanted to ensure I have evidence should the worse happen.

Traveling has opened my eyes up to the vast beauty that the UK holds, places such as the peak district just proves that. People spend thousands to get away from their surroundings however staying more local is not only more cost effective but I think that as a whole the UK is one of the most under rated as a holiday destination.

I think everyone should try traveling for a few months, especially at a young age just after college / uni where it will really be a great experience as it teaches you life lessons that I don’t think you can learn usually and will generally stick with you for the rest of your life. I look forward to 5 – 10 years time where I can look back at this and just remember the good times I’ve had over these last few months and how that has developed me as a person.

If you have any questions about my trips, please do leave them in the comments section below and I’ll try to answer them as quick as I can whilst on the road.

All the best,


swegway white

The new way to get from A to B

For some people, getting from a to b needs livening up, you travel to the same place often and after making the journey multiple times can deem to make the task unenjoyably.

However one way you can liven up that journey is purchasing a Swegway and making that journey more fun. For those unsure, a Swegway is a combination of a skateboard and a Segway, throw on some fancy LED lights and that 15 minute journey has now turned into an exciting, stylish commute.

Available in a variety of colours, and easily portable, this electric powered board is capable of reaching over 10 mph, and with high profile users such as footballers and Youtube stars, the swegway is becoming the hottest gadget of 2015.

Easy to accomplish, the swegway will get you moving fast, after an hour or so I started getting really comfortable with the gadget, twisting, turning and gliding along my drive.

If you’ve yet to see one I would suggest looking into it as you really do have to see it to believe it.




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